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Where can i buy clomid online in australia ? thanks in advance. mama mary molly Post Extras: Hello.. i have just read a thread in the "Fungi for beginners" group and wanted to know the best source for Clomid, and if it will work on mushrooms. I've tried it on my shrooms and they seem to be more active. thanks. ABSOLUTE MOST buy clomid australia IMPORTANT!!! 1. Buy as much you can (1g is the absolute maximum you should buy, even with the cheapest powder). I've clomid pct for sale australia bought 5g of Clomid, which is enough for 10-15 cakes. So 3g, that's 3cc's. 2. Mix that with water (1cc at a time) and simmer it. You can use your stove, it should work fine. 3. This is just a guide, if it doesn't work, it's not the exact dose, but it will be close enough. definitely work, but if you're really desperate, you could try using the exact dose and it didn't work. 4. Make sure you keep the powder fresh. It will continue to work, but if you purchase clomid online australia keep it for a few months, the side effects aren't going to be worth it. 5. If you get to the "point" where dose just doesn't work anymore, use one more cc and repeat. 6. Once you've got a few months, you can start mixing in other clomid's. 7. You can also buy dried pills, but you'll pay a lot for them. You could also use a syringe and buy the drug from manufacturer. 8. You can also use the powder, but make sure it's the purest form you can get. I don't think that Clomid is 100% effective at helping mycelium colonise, there have been very few reported successful myc colonisations from this. However, I've just had a lot more success with the dried powder. One pill took me 2 days to colonise, instead of the usual 1-2 days. I don't think its the pill itself that was needed, but the other ingredients were present. Crazy how things work. I've got a problem with my colonising jars. I've got it at the back of a fridge next to the meat section of supermarket with a damp towel over the jars. last 3 or 4 jars have been colonised, but one has not and I'm worried someone's going to get sick. Is there any medical advice on how to make my colonisation faster (ie can't give it the amount of time needs)? First off, I'd advise starting with a very small amount and try again. I've found that when I'd use 100% clomid, for example, it didn't colonise 3 weeks. If you're not sure what you would use, use something like 25-50%. When trying to colonise, the more Canada pharmacy free shipping coupon code you use, slower your colonisation will be, but that doesn't mean you're not working at your colonisation rate! Just try again and until you've hit your colonisation rate. If you've run out of clomid or you've not been successful colonising, use one more dose of clomid, just to make sure the colonisation is progressing. i have a question. do not know if this is a common problem, but since i have just started doing some cultivation, i noticed that my colonisation is not working as well it used to. i have been trying to colonise 3 jars at a time and it only took me two days. has anybody else had this problem? Yes, it is a common problem. The best way to deal with it is add a few extra colonisation spore syringes. That way it doesn't matter if takes you 3 days or 6 weeks. Good luck! -------------------- I put this on my car, it can't be stolen. i've tried the dmt powder with clomid, it actually worked. i've tested the same amount of clomid before and it still didnt work. now is it possible that this just my first try at dmt? and the dose isnt high enough? Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know I am getting very sick with terrible throat and stuff. Maybe this might help you out.

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